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6 Reasons To Replace Your INternal Doors

When it comes to home renovation projects, your first thought may be to add a new coat of paint or replace the carpet with wood flooring. However, you should also consider the impact of replacing internal doors. From creating a beautiful design to saving heating costs each month, you can benefit from replacing your home’s internal doors.

Replacing your internal doors can significantly enhance the functionality, appearance and value of your home. Here are 5 five of the best reasons to replace your internal doors from Bromsgrove master tradesmen, A & T Carpentry.

1. Consistent Design Throughout Your Home

In many older homes, the interior doors do not match. Maybe the previous owner had begun plans to change all the doors to a new style over time but never got around to finishing the project leaving a mismatch. Conversely, the owner may have designed every room with a different style. Whatever the reason, your interior doors do not follow a coordinated design.

One way to solve your problem is by replacing all of the internal doors. The doors do not necessarily need to be the same to achieve a consistent look, as the door frames will help keep the styles coordinated. For example, if you would like French doors going into your dining room, a standard door between the kitchen and utility room with sliding or bi-fold utility doors, you can make them more coordinated by adding the right door frames.

Installing new interior doors is a great opportunity to create a new style for your home. Depending on the current decor of your home and your tastes there are a great variety of ways to update the style. Some may prefer a more minimalistic style with fairly common frames and doors, others may choose a more elegant, even regal taste or the clean lines of a more modern industrial design.

Whatever you choose, you can achieve a completely new and stunning home interior by updating your internal doors.

2. Improved Door Quality and Functionality

Replacing internal doors in your home can lead to an improvement in door operation, especially if the doors you want to replace are old or of low quality. How many of your doors don’t fit squarely and rub against the frame, don’t quite close properly or rub against the carpet or flooring?

One of the performance improvements that a new internal door can provide is better sound isolation. Many older doors allow sounds to pass through them, which can cause disturbances throughout the house such as keeping younger family members awake whilst you watch TV downstairs. A new door is also more likely to sit more snugly in its doorframe. If you notice any gaps between the doorframe and the door, that’s a good reason to replace it as drafts and noise can pass through. This will add to the cost of already rising energy bills.

3. Increase The Value Of Your Home

Replacing interior doors does add value to your home. The amount will of course depend on the kind and extent of the renovation project, but new doors will nearly always provide a room with more functionality and a greater aesthetically pleasing look. Both of these play a large role in the value of a house sale. Homeowners looking to improve the value of their property without spending a substantial amount of money should think about updating their internal doors.

4. Better Security and Privacy

Older interior doors may well have gaps around them so they do not fit squarely or reach the floor. Installing a solid wood door that goes all the way down to the flooring will be much more effective at giving you an improved sense of privacy. A solid wood internal door is a popular choice for bathrooms, giving excellent security and privacy by fitting a more substantial lock. This idea is particularly important in rooms where valuable items or expensive equipment are stored or spaces where you want to keep younger family members away from.

5. Budget Saving and Sustainable

Homeowners perhaps don’t realise the increased energy efficiency that new internal doors can create. When you install new doors, you can decrease your energy bill, leading to long-term benefits for the planet and your household budget.

For rooms that are not used very often, replacing old doors with an insulated or solid door that forms a tight seal with the frame and floor is a key way to improve your home’s energy efficiency. These types of internal doors are great options for storage rooms and toilet rooms that are not occupied as frequently. Here, you can ensure that no colder air or centrally heated air leaves or enters the room. The rooms you use the most receive the required warm or cool air, reducing your energy bills.

6. Airflow in enclosed spaces

Another reason you should replace your old doors in bathrooms and other rooms is to improve continuous airflow. Upgrading to an internal door with a slight gap between the floor and the bottom of the door can improve energy efficiency. This small gap does not decrease the required privacy when the door is shut but it does increase airflow to ensure the cooling and heating system performs efficiently. 

When you combine the layout of your interior doors with other energy-saving tricks, you can make a significant impact in terms of sustainability and finances. 

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