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The Ultimate Guide to Open Plan Staircases: Design Ideas and Benefits


In modern home design, open plan layouts are increasingly popular for their spacious, airy feel and seamless integration of living areas. A standout feature within this trend is the open plan staircase. These staircases not only serve as functional elements but also as very striking architectural highlights. If you’re considering an open plan staircase for your home, this guide from A & T Carpentry will provide you with all the advice you need—from design ideas to benefits.



What is an Open Plan Staircase?

An open-plan staircase is characterised by its lack of traditional enclosed walls or barriers, allowing for a smooth transition between different levels of a home. This design maximises the use of space and light, making it a perfect choice for contemporary home design interiors.

Bromsgrove Open plan staircase design

The Benefits of an Open Plan Staircase

  • Enhanced Light Flow

    • Open-plan staircases are often built with materials like glass or metal allowing the light to pass through freely. This can make even the smallest of spaces feel larger and more welcoming.
  • Modern Aesthetic

    • The clean lines and minimalistic design of open-plan staircases complement modern architecture beautifully. They can be customised to match your home’s decor, whether it be a sleek, industrial look or a warm, natural feel.
  • Visual Connectivity

    • By eliminating barriers, open-plan staircases create a sense of unity between different areas of a home. This is particularly beneficial in homes where the staircase is centrally located, providing a visual link between floors.
  • Maximised Space

    • Without the bulkiness of traditional staircases, open-plan designs can make rooms feel more expansive. This is ideal for smaller homes or homes where every little bit of space counts.
  • Increased Property Value

    • The modern appeal of open-plan staircases can increase your home’s marketability and potentially its value. Buyers often appreciate the contemporary feel and the increased sense of openness they bring.

Popular Open Plan Staircase Designs

  • Floating Stairs
    • Known for their seemingly unsupported steps, floating stairs are a minimalist’s dream. They can be constructed from wood, metal, or glass and create an eye-catching focal point in any room.
    Bromsgrove Floating Staircase Design


    • Cantilevered Stairs
      • These stairs are anchored only at one end, giving the appearance that they are floating. This design is both visually stunning and functional, often used in modern homes to maximise space.


    Bromsgrove Cantilever staircase

    Spiral Stairs

    For a dramatic yet space-saving option, spiral staircases offer a unique blend of form and function. They can be crafted from various materials and are perfect for small areas where traditional stairs won’t fit.

    Bromsgrove Spiral Staircase


    • Glass Balustrades
      • Adding glass balustrades to your open plan staircase enhances the light and open feel of the space. This design pairs well with almost any style, from ultra-modern to more classic interiors.
    Glass Balustrade open Staircase

    • Metal and Wood Combinations
      • Combining metal with wood in staircase design merges industrial chic with natural warmth. This juxtaposition is perfect for homes that blend contemporary and rustic elements.
    Wood and Metal Open Staircase

    Design Considerations for Open Plan Staircase

    • Safety 

      Ensure that your staircase meets all safety regulations, especially if you have children or pets. Handrails, proper step depth, and non-slip surfaces are essential.

    • Materials

      Choose materials that complement the rest of your home’s decor. Wood offers a warm, traditional feel, while metal and glass provide a sleek, modern look.

    • Structural Support

      The open nature of these staircases requires careful planning and support. Consulting with a structural engineer can ensure your staircase is both beautiful and stable.

    • Lighting

      Proper lighting can enhance the beauty and functionality of your open-plan staircase. Consider integrated LED lighting for a modern touch or natural light through skylights or large windows.

    • Budget

      Open-plan staircases can vary widely in cost, depending on design complexity and materials. Establishing a budget early in the planning process will help you make informed decisions without compromising on style.

    Incorporating Open Plan Staircases into Your Home

    When designing your open-plan staircase, consider how it will integrate with the rest of your home. Think about sightlines, the flow of traffic, and how the staircase will connect different areas. Whether you’re renovating an existing space or building a new home, working with an experienced architect or specialist staircase designer can help bring your vision to life.


    Open-plan staircases are more than just a functional element; they are a design statement that can transform the look and feel of your home. With their ability to enhance light, create a modern aesthetic, and provide visual connectivity, they are a popular choice for homeowners looking to elevate their interior spaces. Explore the various designs and benefits discussed in this guide to find the perfect open plan staircase for your home.

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