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Choosing The Best INternal Doors For Your Home


So you have made the decision to replace the interior doors in your home! Not all internal door styles are created equally. For the best style, form and function, A & T Carpentry have compiled a list of internal door types. Feel free to contact them for a free quote on replacing your internal doors.

Internal Flush Door Fitting Bromsgrove

1. Flush Wood Doors

A flush wood door features plain, flat facings on both sides. These doors are popular because they are affordable and low maintenance. 

The benefits of flush doors include:

  • Style: These doors offer many attractive and affordable finishing options with both popular and speciality wood choices. There are also flush wood doors with durable laminate and natural wood patterns. High-quality finishes are also an option.

  • Versatility: A great variety of finishes and cores allow you to choose internal wood doors that meet your specific styling needs. Many suppliers also offer sustainable materials, and fire-rated cores.

2. Wood Veneer Doors

These doors consist of a core with overlaid thin wood sheets. The advantages of wood door veneers for your home are:

  • Affordability: With a great variety of core options available, you will have no problem finding a flush wood door that suits your home budget. 

  • Environmental friendliness: A veneer door maximizes material use with thin, high-quality pieces of veneer on the exterior and reasonably priced wood on the interior. 

  • Variety: Door veneers are available in different cuts and species so your design possibilities are almost endless.

  • Aesthetics: With a wood veneer door, you can enjoy the natural look and beauty of wood alongside the strength of a fiberboard core.

Oak veneer door fitting in Bromsgrove.

3. Moulded Internal Doors

Moulded internal doors are often the best choice for those on a budget, especially when installing several doors at once. They can be hollow or solid and are made of compressed wood fibres. These come in a variety of designs, including slatted, 4-panel and 6-panel moulded door styles.

One of the major benefits of a moulded door is its lightweight. Solid wood doors can be challenging to fit because of their vast weight, which is less of an issue with moulded doors making them a lighter alternative. Installation is often much easier.

White Moulded Door Fitting Worcester

4. Glazed Internal Doors

Cost isn’t the only factor to consider when choosing the best type of door for your home. Not all rooms receive enough natural light, and for that reason, a panelled or fully-glazed internal door will potentially make a room feel brighter. The added benefit of this is it reduces the reliance on electric lighting, keeping overall energy costs down. When styled with natural woods such as oak-glazed internal doors, the effect is stunning.

Internal door fitting bromsgrove

5. Fire Doors

Although not always a consideration in the home there are circumstances that require fire doors to be fitted in residential properties. Fire doors work by being thicker than standard doors. They are fitted with intumescent strips in the doorframe that expand with heat and prevent the spread of smoke and toxic fumes holding back fires for a limited time. While they have a clear and practical purpose, it is possible to fit internal fire doors that still match the character of a property, such as those with panelled designs or fire doors with glass.

Internal Fire door fitting

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