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Does a Joiner or Carpenter fit doors?

When looking for someone to fit your internal doors there is often confusion about the difference between a joiner and a carpenter. Who is going to do the best job? It’s important to understand the differences between a joiner and a carpenter in order to choose the right tradesperson for your door fitting requirements. By looking at their individual skills and expertise, you can make an informed decision to ensure a perfect fit for your new doors.

What Is a Carpenter?

Carpenters’ skills usually lie in construction and structural woodwork. They often take on larger jobs such as roofing, fencing, decking, flooring and window installation. Carpenters will have a great deal of experience in working with large power tools. They will likely specialise in fitting doors and windows, and can also help with the installation of any frames, linings and trims to complete the work.

In addition, carpenters often specialise in designing and building custom furniture and cabinetry, using their skills to create stunning and functional bespoke pieces to fit their clients’ specific briefs and needs.

Redditch door installation
Redditch Internal Doors

What Is a Joiner?

Joiners are also highly skilled and specialise more in attention to fine detail and finish.  Joiners will create unique pieces of woodwork such as staircases, kitchen cabinets, fitted furniture and bookcases. They tend to use hand tools rather than power tools. Joiners also have the skills to handle the installation of doors, but their expertise is more likely to be needed where an existing door frame needs to be changed or rebuilt, or the door is unusual in its size or design.

Should I Use a Carpenter or Joiner To Fit Doors?

As stated above, the main difference between a carpenter and a joiner is the type of work they do. In general, carpenters are better suited to large jobs such as wood construction or structural work. Joiners are likely to be better for more detailed and intricate jobs that require precision and a finer level of craftsmanship.

Carpenters will usually have the skills to fit and install your internal doors perfectly for you, but a joiner may be required if there is work to be done on repairing, altering or adding a door frame and linings.  This is because joiners not only have the expertise but also the specialist hand tools needed for altering and customising the surrounding door components.

Redditch door fitting
Redditch internal door fitting
Redditch carpenter

Can I Install An Internal Door Myself?

Installing a door is one of the more difficult DIY jobs to carry out and requires a fair amount of skill. It’s not for the beginning DIYer but if you are a seasoned enthusiast you may be able to do it. If you’re thinking about installing the door yourself, consider the following:

  • Are you familiar with the door installation process?
  • Do you have the necessary tools to complete the job?
  • Do you have enough know-how to be able to complete the job safely? Internal doors are heavy especially if they are solid wood doors.
  • Can you complete the job on your own or will you need help?

    If you’re not confident enough to do the job yourself you may end up damaging your door frames or new door which could be a very costly mistake. In this case, it is better to hire a skilled craftsman,  joiner or carpenter to fit the door for you. A professional tradesperson will have the right tools and experience for the job, will complete it safely, quickly and you can trust the work will stand the test of time. 


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