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Buying INternal Doors For Summer DIY

Summer has arrived and it’s the perfect time to do some DIY and spruce up your home’s interior to give it a refresh. Important and often overlooked is the need to choose the right internal doors.  In this post, Worcestershire-based door fitters, A&T carpentry we will look at the essential points to consider when buying internal doors for summer.

Choose your Door Type

Before anything else you need to choose which type of door best suits your needs. Here are 3 of the most popular internal door choices.

  1. French Doors: These are perfect for adjoining rooms or creating a smooth transition from internal to outdoor spaces. French doors provide an open and airy feel. They often feature glass panels that allow natural light to flow around the rooms.
  2. Panel Doors: These are the most common traditional doors that have wooden or glass panels and are available in an enormous variety of  designs and styles. They offer privacy and functionality.
  3. Sliding Doors: These are space savers and look very modern. Sliding doors are great for areas where traditional hinged doors may be impractical. They glide along a track and are available in a range of materials that will suit your existing home decor.

Choose your Material

Choosing the right materials for your internal door is important to ensure that it can withstand seasonal temperature variations and susceptibility to moisture.  The 3 most common choices are:

  1. Solid Wood: This is selected for its durability and ageless beauty. Solid wood doors look elegant and stylish in any space. They have excellent insulation and are suitable for both traditional and modern interior designs.
  2. MDF: Medium-density fibreboard is a cost-effective alternative to solid wood. They have a really smooth and even surface making them easy to veneer or paint. MDF doors are a little less prone to warping and offer reasonable insulation.
  3. Glass: If you have small spaces or want a lighter ambience in your rooms doors with glass panels are a great choice. If you need some more privacy then textured or frosted glass still allows some of the natural light to flow between spaces.

Maintenance and Durability

The Summer season brings increased temperatures and humidity, so it’s important to choose doors that can withstand these changes.  Opt for materials that resist warping, expansion, or contraction due to increased moisture. Also  consider the ongoing maintenance of each door type to ensure they can be kept in tip-top condition as the  seasons change.

Energy Efficiency

Keeping your house cool in the Summer can be challenging. Choose doors that offer good insulation properties to prevent heat from being transferred. Weatherstripping and insulated door cores can help improve energy efficiency and reduce the need for expensive cooling costs.

Measurements and Installation

Accurate measurements are essential for a successful door installation. You need to take precise measurements of the door frame and consult with a professional door installation company if needed. Whether you choose to hire a carpenter or fit the doors yourself, make sure that you follow the manufacturer guidelines and local building regulations.


A & T Carpentry would love to hear about your project and specialise in staircase renovation and internal dor fitting across Worcestershire and the Midlands.  They are always on hand to offer free friendly advice and a competitive quotation.