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Summer Colours For Your Stiarcase


Summer has finally arrived, and with all the time we can now spend enjoying the outdoors, lets not forget about how your home looks and feels. 

However despite the great British weather that summer brings, we still spend the majority of time inside. So it is important that our homes make us feel happy. 

Here we share some ideas on how to bring summer inside your home.

Don’t Forget The Staircase!

Bromsgrove staircase renovationWhen decorating we often  look at the larger common living spaces like lounges, conservatories and kitchen diners. But it’s important not to overlook how transforming the space around your staircase can dramatically change your home. 

With so much foot traffic up, down and past your staircase, make sure your staircase stands out this summer.  As well as your staircase, your landing and hallway play a pivotal role in how your home all comes together. 

So What’s On Trend?

Light and oceanic blues are the ‘in’ colours for 2022 . But as always, your colour choice will be influenced by the space you have available. For example, darker and bolder colours could work well in larger open spaces. 

BLue Hallway and Staircase Decor

 ‘Pale, neutral colours like shades of white, cream, grey or peach are on trend right now because they’re adaptable and can be used all year round. They give you an excellent backdrop to easily change other elements of your rooms, where you can add in colour through features such as rugs, throws, plants and pictures.

What’s more, these pale, neutral colours work well with natural woods so if you’ve got a solid wood staircase, you’ll be ready to go.

If those colours don’t have enough pizazz for you , think about bright yellows, coral pinks or even light greens, which have all been picked out by experts for summer 2022. Going bold with your colour palette allows you to make a statement to visitors as soon as they enter your home.

Don’t Touch The Stairs!

One of the easiest ways to give your stairs a summer refresh is to not even touch the stairs! If you are on a really tight budget your walls can help to transform your stairs, quickly and easily.  From painting the walls a different colour to simply changing the pictures and adding  shelving  can help give your stairs the transformation you’re looking for. Changing the walls from dark to light or from household  ornaments to plants can make a real impact. 

Transform Your Treads

If your stairs aren’t carpeted, you could even think about giving your staircase a lick of paint to give it that summer feel. A light yellow or beige could feel like stepping on a beach, while a bright white or earthy brown could look like summer house decking.   

Follow our guidance on painting your staircase.

Bright blue painted staircase refurbishment