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Stylish Painted RUnnER STaircase


One of the last decisions to be made when designing a staircase is whether it will be carpeted or not. Carpet and natural timber both have their appeals. A carpeted staircase offers warmth and can use cheaper whitewood, MDF and plywood for parts that will be covered. It will also require regular vacuuming which can be tricky on a staircase. On the other hand, a non-carpeted staircase can show off the quality of your timber or be painted with a bespoke design.

Painted Staircases Can Be Stylish

Bromsgrove Staircase RefurbishmentIf you are on a budget and want to update your existing staircase then why not do a DIY paint job! It is common for home owners to want hard and easily cleaned surfaces in their house as opposed to carpets that could pick up stains and marks. Non-carpeted staircases can be more expensive as many prefer to use oak or other exposed hardwoods for the treads.  Another alternative is white primed treads, risers, stringers, spindles, and newel posts. This provides a clean modern feel and neat aesthetic that avoids feeling cold if you use a warm coloured handrail such as oak. In this example the black painted runner looks very stylish.


Painting a Staircase Runner Looks Difficult!

Blue Painted Staircase RUnnerWith some careful planning it is easier than it looks and is actually pretty straightforward. Carefully measure your design and draw it on with pencil and rule first.  Once happy with your runner design you should  apply some good quality masking tape up to the edges of where the paint will be applied. Be sure to use suitable masking tape; cheaper solutions will allow the paint to bleed and give you a very untidy edge. Use a brush that is suitable for the job. If you are painting a narrow pin stripe or detailing a small brush will be needed.  However,  if you are painting a larger surface area you will need a big brush or even a roller. One slight issue with rollers is that they leave a texture in the paint although, this might be an effect you want.  Begin by painting every other step and waiting for them to dry so that you can still use the staircase during the refurbishment.  Paint the remaining treads and allow to dry. It is likely that 2 coats will be needed for a good hardwearing finish. Once the entire flight is completely dry slowly remove the masking tape to avoid paint bleed and flaking. Stand back and admire your work.


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