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10 Festive Looks For A Stylish Staircase


With regular, daily usage, staircases develop several problems that if left unattended can create structural and safety hazzards. From loose handrails and worn treads, to creaky steps and poor lighting, A & T Carpentry share some of the most common staircase problems and show us how to repair them.

1. Garlands and Greenery

Wrap garlands along the handrail of the staircase. You can use traditional evergreen garlands or opt for ones with LED lights or ornaments. If you choose a simple plain garland you can can make it your own and match your current decor. Tuck in some sprigs of holly and faux berries, frosted pinecones, or fairy lights for a gentle glow.

Pre-lit, battery-powered garlands are a worthwhile investment.  Electrical sockets and trailing cables can be awkward and a bit of a safety hazard on staircases and landings. Fill your garland spaces by reusing your favourite ornaments, flowers, bows and ribbons rather than overhauling your collection of decorations every year.


2. Christmas Stockings

Hang Christmas stockings along the staircase, either on the bannister or on hooks. Fill them with small gifts or decorative items. Personalise stockings for each family member for an extra special touch.  Add them to a garland wrapped around your handrail and choose stockings that match the details of your other decor. 

christmas staircase garland
Christmas Stocking Decoration
Christmas Paper Decorations

3. Reusable Paper Decorations

Paper decorations are elegant and stylish as well as sustainable. Traditional paper chains are a lovely activity to do with the whole family but also balls and pendants hanging from your staircase handrail or garlands will add a modern twist to your hallway.

Again, add micro fairy lights or flowers to paper honeycombs and glitter stars.  Experiment with different heights by scattering along the length of your staircase for the full effect or create small clusters of decorations. 

Paper decorations are far more affordable than traditional decorations and ornaments. You can go wild with your colour choices and designs knowing that you can change it all again next year or replace a few if they get damaged or broken.

4. Festive Scents

Many of us associate the festive period with the aromas of mixed spices, citrus fruits and fresh pine leaves. Use organic scents in your Christmas foliage and garlands as fragrant and decorative elements. Homemade dried limes and oranges can be tied and hung on your wreaths or used as table decorations. Dried cinnamon sticks spread along your handrail decorations add a beautiful spicy aroma around your entrance hallway.


scented christmas decorations
Christmas Wreaths

5. Incorporate Wreaths

Wreaths do not just have to be hung on the front door. Hang small wreaths from ribbons along the wall line of the staircase or attach them directly to the bannister to coordinate them with the overall theme of your Christmas decorations.  You could also choose to have a larger highly decorated wreath to on the landing as a focal point.


6. Christmas Fairy Lights

Christmas lights add warmth to your hallway and conjure up visions of sugarplums and festive deities. Stringing them along the bannister or wrapping them around garlands and wreaths looks magical. LED lights come in various colours and shapes, allowing you to create your own truly magical effect.

Consider battery-operated fairy lights for flexibility in placement rather than mains powered elements.


7. Go All Out!

Christmas is not a time for the reserved. Now is the time for a decor theme that is full of sparkle, glitz and glamour. Even a narrow hallway will take larger-than-life decorations.  Choose overside baubles, balloons and thick garlands in metallic shades with silver and gold glitter textures. 

Garland LED Lights
Candle Christmas Staircase Decoration

8. Faux Candles

Place twinkling Christmas-themed candles on stair treads or on small shelves. The safest option is to use flameless LED candles. No naked flames near or around young children or decorations of any kind. Choose candles that match your Christmas scheme and place them on steps to draw your attention to the top of the staircase. Put them at varying heights and styles along your garland for a beuatiful warm glow.

9. Why Not Keep It Simple?

All out glitz and glamour, full garlands and hanging wreaths can look stunning but aren’t for everyone and are often not particularly practical or affordable. Instead, place small pockets of ornaments on individual staircase elements; perhaps a couple of faux presents adorned with a simple candle on one or two steps; simple pine branches tied to individual balustrades with some LED lights or clusters of larger baubles at  2 or 3 points along the handrail.


Minimalist Christmas Decoration
Staircase landing christmas tree

10. A Christmas Tree of Course!

If your staircase leads into a foyer or a larger space, place a Christmas tree at the base of the stairs for a very impressive and luxurious look. Smaller spaces will look more elegant with minimalist tree decoration that matches the style of any wreaths and garlands you have on your staircase.  If you don’t quite have the room for a tree then consider placing Santa’s gifts, or faux gifts on the bottom landing.


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