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Staircase Landings

The definition of a landing is the “level area at the top of a staircase or between one flight of stairs and another.” Landings have both form and function, and appear in different shapes, depending on their purpose and the overall design. This short article helps you in understanding landings and what options you may have depending on the size of your space.

A & T Carpentry are based in Bromsgrove but travel right across the Midlands providing the highest quality work to their clients. Here is their guide to making the most f your landing.

Winder Staircase

Winders are steps that are narrower on one side than the other. They are used to change the direction of the stairs without landings. A series of winders form a circular or spiral stairway. When three steps are used to turn a 90° corner, the middle step is called a kite winder as a kite-shaped quadrilateral.

Worcester Staircases

A Quarter Landing

A common feature which is often required when designing the configuration and installation of a new staircase is a quarter landing. A quarter landing is a flat platform midway up the staircase which allows the stairs to undergo a quarter (90 degree) turn and one or more quarter landings may .

Worcester Staircase Installation
Quarter Landing

A Gallery Landing

Gallery Landing

You may have space for a larger gallery landing. As the name suggests this is a decorative space to display family objects and antiques. It is also an ideal space for a small seating area to relax away from busier parts of the house .

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