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Small Spaces and Big Ideas


A & T Carpentry is one of Birmingham’s leading staircase refurbishment companies. Every staircase is unique and fitted by a team of highly skilled craftsmen perfectly into your home. Whether it is a traditional style, minimalist look or something contemporary, A & T Carpentry can design and install it. We fit staircases in all kinds of properties including residential homes, new builds and commercial properties.

This month we look at how you can maximise the space in your hallway. 

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Small Spaces and Big Ideas

As your family grows and your home possessions increase wouldn’t it be lovely to be just able to move to a bigger home? With increasing house prices and soaring living costs, for many of us, this isn’t an option. However, by rethinking your current living space you can increase your storage options.

Staircases in modern homes are not generally placed very thoughtfully and create a lot of wasted space in most halls and entranceways.  A & T Carpentry works with clients across Birmingham to reevaluate the spaces they have to create staircases that not only match the existing decor and design requirements but also make the best use of the available space. From turning the bottom of the staircase, relocating the staircase, to increasing the number of treads and substituting traditional materials such as wood for glass there are numerous ways to create a feeling of greater space.

The hallway is one of the most used spaces in a home; greeting guests friends and family; hanging coats and bags up; putting on shoes; a playspace for children in need of free floorspace to run toys up and down; displaying precious pictures and family ornaments or even a piano that has been passed down through the family. We look at incorporating storage solutions in your design without adding in additional rooms.

Birmingham staircase installation
Birmingham staircase refurbishment

How to declutter your space…

Here are some of our handy hints for you to reimagine your staircase and see it as an important piece of furniture in your hallway.

  1.  We all hang our coats and bags on the post at the bottom of the staircase, right? This looks untidy so instead invest in some hooks. Even adding a trendy hatstand can make the hallway look less cluttered believe it or not.
  2. The hallway is a room that has its own purpose. Laundry baskets, piles of clothes, mail and other bits and pieces don’t belong on the stair treads or landings. 
  3. Consider neat storage solutions. Pullout drawers built into the staircase for outdoor clothes and bags, shelving or footwear storage are all great solutions to providing more storage space.


Staircase drawers refurbishment

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