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How to Dress up your Stair treads



A & T Carpentry have recently completed some staircase refurbishment projects in Chipping Camden. This month’s post looks at how stair treads were styled in various ways to enhance the overall appearance of the homes’ interior design. Here are some common ways to style stair treads.


Floating staircases are really on trend at the moments. They are stunning to look at and add a very modern and sleek design to your home. The riser is the vertical surface that the tread overhangs.  The risers don’t support the treads that sit on them, this is the job of the stringers, so it is sfe to remove the treads. By removing the risers you literally ‘open up’ a whole new level of design ideas. If you have a small hallway it can lighten the space allowing the light to flow more freely around the room.  Replacing wooden treads with glass treads can amplify this effect even further making even the darkest of spaces seem much brighter. 

Minimalist Staircase


Many of our staircase clients in Chipping Camden have replaced their old metal spindles with glass panels. However, few people realise that you can use glass for the treads too. Glass treads can give the impression of a floating staircase and look beautiful with wooden balustrades. If you are looking for an ultra modern look then adding stainless steel accessories such as a new handrail is thw way forwards.  

Glass Tread Staircase Chipping Camden


If you have wooden stair treads, you can paint or stain them to match your interior color scheme or highlight the natural beauty of the wood grain. A fresh coat of paint or stain can transform the look of the treads. With paint you can use any colour to make your stairs’ pop’ out in your space and really express your unique sense of style. If you have solid wood treads lots of homeowners prefer to restain them to bring out the natural grain. It also adds a layer of protection  

Bromsgrove Staircase Refurbishment
Osmo internal door oil
Pine Staircase treads


Installing LED lights underneath the treads provides subtle illumination and adds a contemporary touch. This can also improve visibility and safety during the night.  Lighting technology has advanced and more and more people are choosing lights for stairs that are installed directly on the stairway instead of wall lamps or pendant lights.  Concealing lights in the treads can make your staircase glow rather than throwing light onto the stairs from the walls or above.


Stair tread LED lights

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