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Midland’s Staircase Refurbishment Specialists A & T Carpentry are passionate about staircases! As much as they love to plan and design new staircase installations much of their work involves refurbishing and updating old staircases. Refurbishment is often overlooked but you may be surprised by what can be achieved with minimal work

A & T Carpentry are based in Bromsgrove but travel right across the Midlands providing the highest quality work to their clients. Here is their guide on how to make the most of your tired staircase.

Brazillian Wood Treads
Square Spindle A & T Carpentry Staircases
Oakhalls Oak stair renovation completed

Staircases are not just functional structures!

Staircases are an important design feature of your home and allow you to set the ‘tone’ of the rest of the home.  Staircases tend to suffer from age related deterioration rather than structural damage.  Therefore, if you are on a budget, restoring or restyling your staircase provides a whole range of design possibilities

You can open up your living space or hallway and begin to transform  your entire design scheme. Updating your staircase can have a major effect on your room aesthetic.

A & T Carpentry have refurbished staircases across the Midlands and continue to surprise their customers with this solution as opposed to a new staircase.  Customers are surprised by the relatively low cost  and by how much can be achieved with a staircase refurb without spending a fortune.

A  & T Carpentry show you some of their most popular ‘5 Star’ solutions they have delivered to their happy customers

Oakhalls tired staircase

How Tired and Worn is Your Staircase?

This guide only applicable to your staircases if it is in good structural condition. These helpful tips on how to improve the styling and design of your staircase are not suitable for staircases that need to be replaced. If you are looking for a staircase replacement or installing a new staircase within your property, then check out our 2022 design inspiration ideas or guide to buying a new staircase.  A & T Carpentry can advise and fit new staircase installations too!

broken stair refurbishment

Add a lick of paint to spindles, treads, risers and posts.

Possibly the most affordable way to revitalise your staircase is to simply repaint some of its component parts. Staircase parts such as spindles, newel posts, handrails, treads and risers can all be painted to restyle your staircase to make it a stand out feature of your home.

This is a time consuming process though. The existing varnish and paint must be thoroughly sanded off the surface of the wood. You must then apply a sealing layer such as a stain-blocking primer before the final coat of paint. We recommend applying at least two coats of paint and an additional layer of  protective coating such as polyurethane varnish to prolong the lifespan of the refurb.

Although time-consuming due to the amount of work required to achieve the ultimate perfect finish, it is the most affordable way to create a stunning design feature out of your tired old staircase.

Worn Staircase Refurbishment Midlands
staircase refurbishment completed

Replace spindles, treads, risers and posts.

This is a more affordable option than you think and you can replace all componenets of a staircase, such as the handrails or spindles.  The images above show how A & T Carpentry transfromed this 60’s style ranch design into a stunning and elegant hallway centre statement. This project included replacing the handrails and spindles for a more contemporary alternative.

You would want to replace tired-looking wooden spindles with brand new spindles in the same or a different design. With a slightly increased budget increased budget you could also replace the existing wooden handles with a modern alternative such as metal spindles or glass panels. These will completely transform your original staircase staircase and can make an incredible difference to the feel of your entrance or hallway.

Need advice on restoring your worn staircase?


As always, A & T Carpentry will be happy to offer you free friendly advice on the best solutions for your particular staircase.  We work across Worcestershire and the Midlands refurbishing and installing new staircases.

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