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How A Staircase Can Add Value to Your Property


In the vast majority of UK homes the first thing you see when you walk through the front door is the staircase. If you are selling your home it is essential that they look their best. They add personality and style to your home. Don’t underestimate the increase in appeal and value they add to your property.

A & T Carpentry know a thing or two about how to create a stunning first impression with yours!

Barn Conversion Staircase Refurbishment

A staircase is a structural element…

… as much as it is a decorative addtion to your home. It needs to be maintained , especially if you are thinking about selling your property. Often the most used walkway in the home, it needs to be stylish, safe and  functional and the better they are designed, the more they’ll help seel your property.

Use the highest quality materials…

… you can afford. There are so many choices available! The beauty of staircases is that you can adapt them to match your existing decor or transform them into something completely new.  You can choose from wood, steel, glass, and concrete or even use a combination of differetn materials . Upgrading the style of your staircase to fit with a more modern aesthetic can help sell your home.  Wood is a strong material and A & T Carpentry uset his  for a lot of their staircases. However, it does tend to wear over the years. Renovating, rather than replacing you stairs you can bring some life back into your home and help increase the property value whilst not breaking the bank.

Wooden twist spindle A & T Carpentry Worcestershire
Staircase drawers refurbishment

Adding extra space and storage…

… is always an added extra, especially for families with children.  Having space to store items out of sught is always a good selling point for a home. Don’t let the awkward space underneath your staircase go to waste. There are lots of ways you can add interest and storage. You can fit shelving, install cupboards or drawers, even something as simple as fitting coat hooks helps to create valuable storage and makes excellent use of otherwise wasted space.

Remove or replace the carpet.

Stairs receive a great deal of use daily which can leave the carpet looking more worn than in other parts of your home. A new carpet can add a real touch of warmth to your home and adds a showroom quality if you are selling your home.

Carpeted staircases are also good for keeping the  noise to a minimum, which is great if you have a house full of children who are up and down the stairs every 2 minutes!

The colour can be chosen to complement your home’s existing décor, such as the surrounding wall colours and furniture. If you do go for a carpet make sure that you buy one that is suitable for stairs. It’s vital that you choose a good quality, hard-wearing carpet and use a good underlay on both the tread and riser.

Another option, and one that has become increasingly popular is to remove the carpet altogether and return to a natural wood staircase. This can instantly reinvigorate your home, giving a more organic feel.

Looking equally effective in modern and more classic environments, wooden staircases do not easily date. With the option to apply a range of treatments to really enhance the wood, you can add real value and elegance to your home.

Need advice on installing a new staircase in your home?

As always, A & T Carpentry will be happy to offer you free friendly advice on the best solutions for your particular staircase.  We work across Worcestershire and the Midlands refurbishing and installing new staircases.

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