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5 Best Staircase Styling Ideas For Spring


So you have your newly refurbished staircase and the talking point of your home decor! To add the extra final touch of style and transform it into a magazine editorial spread the right decoration is essential. Our top 10 decorating ideas cater for all spaces and styles from shabby chic, rustic, and cottage looks to elegant, understated looks for all you minimalists.

1. Shabby Chic

 The shabby-chic style focuses more on what you want rather than on what you should match it with. You have complete freedom in the shapes, colors and patterns that you choose. Even though the style is connected to the French country look and draws a lot of inspiration from it, it is still unique in its own way, bringing together features of the contemporary, traditional and rustic styles.

Family photos staircase
shabby chic wallpaper staircase

2. A ‘Green’ Staircase

If your staircase gets enough light, add small planters in between banister rails for a lush, green look that cleans your air. Add fake plants for a low-maintenance option. Growing spilling plants on individual stairs will add more appeal too as they drop down over the rails.

plants on staircase

3. A Floating Mantel

If you have a large enough wall you could add a floating mantel. Depending on the look you are trying to achieve you could try a rustic mantel, driftwood shelf or repurpose an old fireplace mantelpiece. Flowers, picture frames, treasured ornaments could all be used to add the finishing touches to your dream staircase.

driftwood mantel
rustic staircase mantel

4. Staircase Lettering

For a minimalistic decor try adding some lettering to your staircase. This could either be a quote rising up the staircase treads on vinyl stickers or leters hanging on the wall. Contrast the colour of the letters using dark against light.

staircase lettering
staircase mirror lettering
staircase wall lettering

5. Staircase Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is a nice way to fill in a blank wall or space and make it lively and personalized. It works particularly well on staircases. There are symmetrical grid walls and free form ones. Free form gallery walls are more often seen over the stairs as they can help you fill all the blank space on each wall.  You can create a sense of unity by using frames that are all in the same style or go for a shabby chic look with frames that use different textures, shapes and colours.

shabby chic staircase galleryshabby chic staircase gallery
staircase large picture frame gallery
staircase matching frame gallery