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sOLID wOODEN INternal DOors Are A Classic Design Choice

Why are Wooden Doors a Classic Design Choice?

Wooden doors are a classic and timeless interior design choice.  They have an appeal that has made them a common feature of interior design for centuries.

More than any other style, A & T Carpentry fit stylish solid oak wooden doors to match the varying existing decor of their clients.

Historical Status Showing Wealth 

Wooden doors have a significant historical importance. Not only were they functional architectural features but also signified wealth. The ancient Egyptians used them as entranceways to their tombs and medieval castles used them to protect their keeps. Wood has been a fundamental material in architectural design for centuries. Even today, wooden doors in historic buildings are preserved and continue to delight us with their intricate carvings and skilled craftsmanship.

Solid wooden Egyptian door
Solid Wooden Castle Door

Sustainable Materials

Sustainable ForestryIn an age where sustainability is a key consideration in all we do, in design, wooden doors have a real advantage. Wood is a renewable resource, and forestry practices are becoming ever more responsible to ensure that trees are replanted to replace those cut down. This makes wooden doors an eco-friendly choice for environmentally-conscious homeowners. Wooden doors can be recycled or repurposed, reducing their impact on landfills. Social media is a great resource for purchasing 2nd hand doors of often high quality.



One of the main reasons for the popularity of wooden doors in the domestic home is their durability and longevity. Wood is a very sturdy material that can withstand a lot of wear and tear when properly cared for. Unlike other materials, solid wooden doors don’t rust, corrode, or warp easily. With regular care such as oiling or painting, wooden doors can last for decades, if not centuries.

Design Versatility

Wooden doors offer a great variety of design applications. Whether your home style is rustic, traditional, or contemporary, there’s a wooden door to match.  Country and traditional homes often use panelled wooden doors with intricate moulded details, while modern home interiors may choose stylish minimalist wooden doors. The further option to stain or paint wooden doors allows them to match any existing decor seamlessly.

Oak veneer door fitting in Bromsgrove.
Oak Ledge and Brace door with butterfly hinges
Birmingham staircase refurbishment

Wooden Door Styles

Traditional Wooden Doors

Traditional wooden doors are a classic design choice and provide elegance in any home. These doors often use panelling, intricate carvings, and timeless designs. They are a perfect choice for period homes and spaces where warmth and luxury are desired. Panelled doors have raised panels, adding depth and elegance to the design. If more light is needed in a room then glazed wooden doors are a good choice.  Clear and opaque glass panels for a hint of transparency, are perfect for smaller homes where natural light is limited.

Contemporary Wooden Doors

For those homeowners with a more modern design approach, contemporary wooden doors are the answer. With simple and clean lines, this minimalistic style blends into modern interiors and gives a sleek and uncluttered look.

Customisation and Bespoke Wooden Doors

One of the best features of wooden doors is the ability to customise them to suit your own individual preferences. Bespoke wooden doors offer almost limitless design possibilities. Homeowners and interior designers can create unique features that match their exact vision from custom carvings, to size and finish.

Wood Species for Interior Doors

There are a wide variety of wood species and finishes that will impact the overall look and feel of your interior doors. Different wood types have individual characteristics suitable for specific applications. Some of the most popular choices fitted by A & T Carpentry are:

  • Oak: Very strong and durable with a rich grain pattern. Oak is a classic and timeless choice.
  • Walnut:  A dark and elegant timber that looks luxurious and regal.
  • Pine: A light-coloured wood with a rustic look. Often used in cottage-style designs.
  • White: Painted wooden doors are arguably the most popular design choice in domestic homes and give a clean and versatile look that will match just about any interior.

Practical Considerations of Interior Door Design

While the aesthetics of wooden doors are very important, practical considerations also play a part in your choice.

Installation and Maintenance

Expert installation and maintenance are key to ensuring the longevity of wooden doors. Installation should be carried out by a carpenter to ensure a perfect fit. Regular maintenance, such as oiling and staining, protects the doors from the wear and tear of everyday family life. It’s also worth investing in good door hardware to enhance the door’s functionality and appearance.

Fire Safety and Security

Interior wooden doors also contribute to the safety and security of your home. Many wooden doors are available with fire-resistant properties, helping to contain fires and protect family members. Additionally, exterior wooden doors with sturdy locks and deadbolts provide security and peace of mind from intruders.


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