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Buying and fitting internal doors in your home

As you update your home and internal decor, modernising your home, you may well also decide to replace your internal doors.

In this post , we will look at what affects the cost of internal doors, how to save money on internal doors, and how find and hire a professional carpenter. 


The type of door you choose will affect both the light and perceived space of your room, but you might also want to think about sound dampening and fire resistance, maintenance free doors, or solid wood. Let’s take a look!

1. Internal door types and costs

White doors are relatively inexpensive and cost effective. As of January 2023 they cost between £30 to £40 to supply. Similarly louvre doors give a slightly more polished finish with a similar price point.

Wooden doors will last for many, many years especially if you choose hardwood doors. Costs can vary from £50 to upwards of £200 depending on the type of wood you want.

Flush doors do not have panels or mouldings on them. They look very modern, and like solid wooden doors will vary in price depending on your chosen timber.

Internal white door fitting Bromsgrove
Internal pine louvre door Bromsgrove fitting
INternal hardwood door fitting Worcestershire
Internal Flush Door Fitting Worcestershire

White panel door.

Louvre door.

Solid, hardwood door.

Solid flush door.

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What effects the cost of buying a door?

The type of materials that are used in the manufacture of your door will affect the price.

A solid wood door is made from natural timber that hasn’t been engineered. Hardwood solid wood doors often come from oak, and softwood doors are often made from pine.

The advantages of a solid wood door are its aesthetic appeal and its durability – a solid wood door also offers great insulation and soundproofing. They are heavy to fit, though, and will need some maintenance if you want the door to keep its fresh appearance.

Solid wood doors are one of the most expensive types of doors you can buy. A solid oak door will start at around £180.

A solid core door is filled with engineered wood like MDF. It has a wooden veneer, but the door isn’t made from 100% natural wood.

That said, it is an attractive alternative to a solid wood door. They are strong, fire resistant and offer good insulation and soundproofing. It doesn’t require the level of maintenance a solid wood door will need and start from around £100.

Hollow core doors are manufactured to supply a low-cost alternative to a solid, or solid core door. The door is made from a layer of wood or fibreboard, and inside the door there is a honeycomb interior made from strong cardboard or plastic.

Hollow doors are inexpensive to buy and easy to install. Because they don’t have a solid core, they don’t provide as much insulation or soundproofing as solid doors. Hollow core doors start from around £50.

Laminate doors are a great alternative to wood if you don’t want to have to worry about maintenance or painting as they come pre-painted. They just need hanging. Laminate doors have the appearance of wood but at a lower price. A laminate door starts at around £150.


Find a professional to fit your door

Door hanging is an art!. If you get it wrong there is usually no going back. This could be an expensive mistake. Carpenters tend to have quite a lot of experience hanging doors as opposed to  labourers and other tradespeople. But there are many competent tradespeople too.

If your doors are bespoke or otherwise different from the standard doors found in most high-street shops, you may want to ask for photos to see how the door should look once hung.

Hiring someone who is a member of a trade association usually means they have specific qualifications and that they work according to the standards set by the association.

Contact A & T Carpentry

A & T Carpentry would love to hear about your project.  Why not tell them about your home decor project or renovation plans.  They are always on hand to offer free friendly advice and a competitive quotation.

Final Checklist

  • Determine your budget
  • Do plenty of research and decide on a style of door that suits your needs and budget
  • Get quotes for a carpenter or handyperson to hang your door
  • Choose a professional tradesperson or carpenter such as A & T Carpentry to ensure your doors are fitted perfectly.


Fire doors are essential in rented and commercial properties but you can also have them in your home for extra peace of mind. They cost between £80 to £700 each, depending on the technology and materials used in its construction.

Glazed doors will add light to your home if you have a particularly small or dark space as they allow light to flow from room to room. These can cost £100 to £310 each, depending on the style of glazing you choose.

French doors are a traditional feature in many homes, and start at around £410 to £500 a pair. Bi-fold doors carry a slightly lower price at £80 to £250 per set unglazed, whilst glazed doors costs more at £150 to £1,300 per set.

Internal fire door fitting
Internal glazed door
Internal French door fitting

Internal fire door..

Internal glazed door.

Hardwood, glazed french doors

What effects the cost of fitting a door?

The time required to fit a single door is typically two to three hours, including removing the old door.

The first thing the carpenter will do is remove the old door.  This may be used as a template to make sure the new door is a perfect fit if the existing door fitted correctly.  The position of the hinges will then be marked on the old door and  transferred to the new door, or you can have new hinges fitted if you prefer. The doors  will be laid on top of each other to check the width and the length. Your tradesperson will make sure they have the doors matched so the top of the new door is against the top of the old door.

Using a circular saw the door will be trimmed to size before being placed against the door frame to double-check that the measurements are correct. Taking a chisel the carpenter will gently cut it into the wood to make space for the hinge before screwing in place. Once the hinges are in place a final check is done  to make sure the door is opening and closing correctly.

The last job will be to add the accessories such as a door handle or knob and a lockset if required by using a drill and some screws.

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