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DId you KNOW stairs can improve your health


Yes! Your new staircase installation can vastly improve your health. The restrictions of Covid 19 have not allowed many of us to follow our usual exercise regimes or continue going to the gym.  Conversely, those people returning to work are now grabbing a really quick breakfast and skipping their usual workout schedules which will adversely affect both physical and mental health. 

A & T Carpentry share their top tips on how you can use your, highly under rated, staircase as a free workout! 

Climbing Stairs Looks After Your Physical and Mental Health

Many people would be surprised at how effective this really is! Ditching the lift and taking the stairs can actually improve your fitness and support your weight less. So bite the bullet and climb those stairs.  Find out your optimum healthy weight and BMI using the NHS BMI calculator. Research shows that climbing just 7 flights of stairs a day will vastly improve your cardio health and reduce the risk of an early death by as much as 30%! Many of the most popular fitness watches and trackers, fitbits, samsung, Garmin and endless choice of Apple and android apps will track your steps, how many flights of stairs you have climbed and how many calories you have burnt.

Not only are A & T Carpentry’s staircases expertly installed and fitted but they can become part of your everyday fitness workout too!


Benefits of Climbing Stairs

A & T Carpentry Staircase InstallationsUsing your new staircase as an exercise machine will require about 10 times more effort than sitting down and watching TV on the sofa! Climbing stairs is a great activity for your body, strength, cardio muscles and bones. It can be particularly beneficial for people in office jobs who are most at risk of developing osteoporosis. You are working against gravity and even reasonably fit people can benefit from ‘stair’ exercise to maintain their fitness levels. Here are 10 benefits of using your new staircase installation for your daily exercise routine.


  1. Climbing stairs will burn more calories per minute when compared to jogging.
  2. Climbing stairs will enable your body to produce more endorphins. This is the hormone known for creating a sense of happiness in our mind.
  3. We all aim for a happier life and if climbing stairs can give us that and help us lose weight at the same time, why not skip the lift and take the stairs every time!
  4. Climbing 8 flights of stairs a day will help you lose weight.
  5. Climbing stairs is a great way to increase your lung capacity. Climbing stairs and working against gravity means you are lifting your entire body. This is quite a strenuous exercise and will increase your leg muscles.
  6. Climbing stairs helps improve your heart rate and general health. The continuous movement of your legs and hips requires deeper breathing and therefore increases your heartbeat. This leads to increased blood flow in your body.
  7.  Stair climbing will lead to stronger joints and muscles too.
  8. Research shows improved energy levels, a better immune system, lower risk for diabetes and high blood pressure,  and less risk of osteoporosis and heart disease. 
  9. Climbing stairs is possibly the most convenient form of exercise which gains results.  No extra equipment is needed, no extra space and you can use them for free each and every day!
  10. We learnt to walk during our early childhood years so their are no new skills to learn.  The best bit is that it burns twice as many calories as walking does. Less time exercising and greater benefits!




Climbing Stairs burns caloriesFor the average person walking and climbing stairs are the most common forms of exercise each with benefits for a healthy body and mind as well as weight loss. However climbing stairs does have the edge over walking burning 2 to 3 times more calories than a brisk walk round the park. One of the biggest scientific studies to date by Harvard University found that men who climbed an average of 8 or more flights of stairs a day had a 30% lower mortality rate than their sedentary counterparts.

You should climb the stairs using one step at a time, their are now benefits with skipping steps.  Around 100 steps 5 times a day will burn about an average of 300 calories a week.  Try and achieve 3 to 5 stair climbing routines a week to gain the most benefit from your exercise. Wear comfy shoes with thick solesand spend 5 minutes warming up and stretching before you start to avoid any pulled muscles. Running up the stairs will expend more energy but running down the stairs is not advised; it increases the load on your joints and you have a high chance of falling.

Take it slowly at first perhaps just 2 minutes of climbing if you have not exercised for a long time. Your legs will soon feel the gains of exercise.  If it begins to hurt then stop and rest for a day or two. If you experience any new or continuing pain then consult with a doctor. Over the coming weeks and months you can work up to longer sessions of 5, 19, 15 or even 20mins.  Whatever you choose to do, be safe. 


Although climbing stiars offers a great many health benefits you must do it with care to avoid falling.  It may be that for some people, stair climbing as a form of exercise is unsuitable.  People with acute heart problems, those suffering from knee, ankle or hip problems or those with who need a walking aid should avoid this form of exercise as there is always a risk of a serious fall on the stairs. Anyone undertaking any form of new or rigorous exercise should and must seek the advice of a qualified medical doctor first.


Avoid the lift and take the stairs. With consistent effort will come great health benefits and weight loss. Like any form of new exercise you will feel breathless, perhaps out of control breathing, but with time your body will become stronger your lung capacity will increase. You will become a healthier, younger and happier version of you!

toddler climbing stairs

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