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Why Choose Oak for your new staircase?


When it comes to building or replacing a staircase there are a wide variety of materials to choose from.  Hard wood, softwood, glass, metal and composite materials are all popular choices. The current trend is either oak or pine. 


Bromsgrove carpenters, A & T Carpentry, tell us why they think using oak is a great choice for your bespoke staircase.

Oak and Pine Staircases Are Trending!

Pine is a stiff and durable softwood. It is a cheaper option to oak but it is a porous wood and will need more maintenance; it is often the choice for stairs that will be carpeted or have a painted finish. The fine texture of oak makes it an ideal choice for a staircase that will be left unpainted, an oil or stain can be applied to bring out the beauty and grain and will provide a sturdy construction that will last for many years with minimum care.

Oak staircase Bromsgrove

The natural look of oak blends well with an interior.  A growing trend for oak flooring makes it an ideal blend of construction and aesthetic looks that will enhance any home.  An oak staircase will also give an impression of light and space, perfect for entrance halls and stairwells. 

Oak is very easy to clean. It has natural water-resistance so any spills can be removed easily with an absorbent cloth. Any spillage that leaves a stain can be fixed by a light sanding, leaving a good as new surface. 

Dirt and staining may build up on handrails over time, cleaning and restoring the original finish is easy. First remove the surface dirt with a slightly damp cloth, a solution of water with an equal amount of vinegar may be used where there is heavy staining. Finally, use a fresh clean cloth to remove the vinegar solution. 

A traditional spindle construction will always look better in natural oak but for a modern and elegant solution there are glass panel alternatives that can be used to enhance and show off an oak staircase. Whichever you choose you can be sure an oak staircase will add to the look of your home and will increase its value. 

If you choose oak for the construction of your new staircase you will get a strong and durable result with a space enhancing look to complement any home. It is more expensive that softwoods such as pine, but the investment will be worthwhile, adding value to your home. 

Bromsgrove Oak staircase  turn