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7 Top Stiarcase Refurbishment ideas


When you walk into most homes the first thing you see is the staircase. Yet, the staircase is often the last thing to be considered when people redecorate or update their existing décor. Investing a little money on your tired staircase can wow visitors as you welcome them into your home.


A & T Carpentry give you their top 7 tips on how to refurbish your old staircase.

Tip No.1

Simply adding a coat of paint can bring your staircase into the modern world. Either choose a soft colour to complement a busy interior or alternatively opt for a bright coloured paint to make your stairs stand out against a more neutral design.

Bright blue painted staircase refurbishment
Staircase LED Lighting

Tip. No2

Low level lights running up the side of the staircase will modernise your hallway.  They can follow the line of the stairs along the wall, incorporated into the treads or handrail.  There are an enormous variety of LED lights and strips in an endless variety of colours. If you are on a really tight budget there are many battery powered solutions too

Tip No.3

If your hallway is cluttered then use the space under the stairs for some creative storage. You can incorporate shelves, pull out racks and cupboards so you can store outdoor items like shoes, umbrellas, coats and bags out of sight but near to the door.

Refurbished staircase drawers
Staircase drawers refurbishment

Tip No. 4

Will you choose carpet or wood? This may depend on the quality of the stairs and amount of wear and tear. If you have a solid wood case then you may want to show of the beauty of the wood. Although some people do like to have carpet under their feet so compromise by adding a carpet runner. This allows the wood to be exposed and provides grip and resuces noise of clomping feet! Carpet runners are easily removed for cleaning and much easier to replace than a fully fitted carpet.

Staircase carpet runner
Floating Wooden refurbishment staircase
Minimalistic Floating Staircase

Tip No. 5

To really make a feature of your staircase and create a talking point integrate it into the design of the house.  Use a mix of materials and textures, wood, stone, spirals. Floating stairs look visually stunning too. 

Tip No. 6

Another budget option is to use vinyl stickers.  These have grown in popularity recently and their is a vast choice available.  Pick your style, cut to size and stick them on the risers for an instant transformation.  A very easy and quick way to upgrade and refurbish your staircase.

Vinyl stair stickers refurbishment

Tip No. 7

Just be imaginative. Why not go completely crazy? There are some really bold and whacky vinly prints out there.  Why not add a Venitian canal or a tropical waterfall. It certainly provides a talking point for vistors entering your hallway!

Venice staircase vinyl
Tropical waterfall staircase vinyl

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