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Treat Your staircase to a festive makeover!


Christmas time is one of our favourite holidays, everybody loves it.  Each year we wait for it to arrive, counting down the days, so we can decorate our homes perfectly.  Every corner of the house is decorated to perfection! We put up the tree, decorate the windows, walls, ceilings, mantlepiece and, of course, the staircase.


Here are some festive ideas to treat your staircase to a festive makeover.

Here are 8 ideas to get your Christmas creativity flowing…


1.   Add some greenery to your staircase

Simply adding some greenery to your staircase can add some interest.  Use fragrant potted herbs on a few of the steps. Don’t go over the top, less is more here.  If the rest of the house is adorned with decorations a little hint of greenery will give your staircase a festive look.

A and T Carpentry Christmas staircase decoration


2.   Baluster garlands

Add more colour to your staircase with a beautiful garland.  This works particularly well on light coloured stairs.  Adding lights not only look very festive but are practical too, lighting up the stairs when its dark.  Hanging Christmas ornaments from your garland will fill out the space if you have a large staircase.

A and T Carpentry Christmas staircase decoration


3.   Create your own garland

If you are on a budget consider making your own garland that will fit your staircase perfectly.  Magnolias and boxwood leaves and branches are easily accessible at this time of year.  You can also make ribbons and bows using fabric to add some extra colour and texture. Weave some battery operated lights through it too.  White lights are simple and elegant and will add some extra sparkle to your home made Christmas garland. Make this your own so that it matches your existing home décor.    

Christmas staircase garland

4. Full and lush garlands

For a fuller texture use pine and eucalyptus.  This garland  looks stunning woven through your balusters and draped over the newel posts at the bottom of your staircase.  Add ornaments such as bells and stars for a more festive feel. Leave off the ornaments and just decorate with red or tartan coloured ribbon and bows for a more luxurious feel.  Red and green are traditionally the colours of Christmas and are perfect for the staircase.

Christmas staircase pine garland


5.   String lights

Fairy ‘lights or string lights can make your staircase the feature of your hallway. Adding them to your garland, weaving them in and out of your balusters or along the base rail can add a magical feel to the entrance of your house.   You could match the style of your Christmas tree too if this sits in your hall.

Christmas Staircase fairy lights


6.   Minimalist staircase decoration

If your already have a hallway adorned with ornaments and figurines you may want to adopt a simpler approach.  Hang basic shapes such as round baubles with ribbon from your staircase spindles. You can coordinate the colours with your existing decor.  Oversized baubles and long ribbon will look more effective than regular sized decorations which will get ‘lost’ when hung from your staircase.

bauble staircase Christmas decoration 

7.   Use traditional tinsel and baubles

Again, if you are on a budget use what you are likely to already have.  Wrapping tinsel around the handrail or spindles adds sparkle to your entrance hall.  Keep it simple and use just one or 2 colours.  Stick to one bright colour and sparingly use white baubles to compliment.  Adding too many bright colours will look confusing and busy.

Tinsel and baubles staircase decoration


8.   Christmas staircase wreaths

Christmas wreaths are traditionally hung on the front door to represent everlasting life, the circle shape having no beginning and no end.  However, have you considered using wreaths on your staircase?  Hanging 2 or 3 wreaths on your staircase and threading red ribbon between each one gives a traditional but elegant look.  Use scented pine for a festive reminder each time you come home.

wreath and ribbon staircase decoration


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