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Buying A New Staircase!


Would you like a new staircase? Don’t know where to start? In this article we tell you what’s involved, what to look out for and how to find the best tradespeople you can trust!



10 Top Practical Tips When Buying A New Staircase

1. Before you make the first contact with any company be sure of what you want t     achieve. Do you need a new build to replace a worn or dangerous staircase or are you just looking to refresh the look of your current one.


2. What are you prepared to pay to fulfil your plans? The type of materials used will have a huge impact on the final cost and the more complex the plan, the greater the labour charges. A straight stair run is the cheapest design so be aware of adding turns and landings within the flight. They may look stunning but will increase building and installation costs.


3. When you are ready to go, and with your plan in mind, look at the companies available on the internet. Are they experts in what they do? Do they show photos of completed builds for you to look at? It’s worth noting that companies with a presence on social media often have comments from satisfied clients. There are also several websites where customers can leave comments on the work carried out by many of the tradespeople and these are well worth a visit.


4. Don’t settle for the first company that looks promising, pick two or three and get    then to come and quote for the work. Meeting with any prospective company will allow you to see how they approach your job. If they are professional and confident they will be able to advise on any additional work that may be required or offer an alternative to your ideas to enhance the finished job.


5. Staircases have to meet a very stringent set of building regulations. Ensure that handrails are adequate, the height and depth of steps are correct and headroom is correct. A good company will be aware of all of the regulations and will advise of any changes you may need to consider.


6. Think about the extra work likely to be involved in a staircase replacement. It is     almost impossible to complete an installation without requiring some plasterwork, decorating or additional structural changes. Make certain that this work is included in your quotation or you have been given a list of work to be carried out on completion of the staircase structure.


7. If you are considering buying a staircase and fitting it yourself, a major task for      most, buy from a reputable specialist company. By doing this you are likely to get a   quality product (see 3 above).  DIY fitting is not recommended for the amateur.


8. If you need to replace for safety reasons, or your staircase is just worn out, there are some savings to be made in the choice of materials. If you are carpeting the area then a softwood construction using plywood and MDF may be a good choice.


9. Remember to consider how the staircase will be used. If your stairs are frequented by children or elder members of the family safety must be a prime consideration. Stone and concrete stairs are not forgiving in the event of a trip or fall. Wood or carpet is much easier to live with. Make sure handrails are fit for purpose and there is adequate light.


10. Call A & T carpentry for some free advice and a quote! Take a look at their stunning cratsmenship in the project portfolio.