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Modern staircase design.


A modern staircase can transform a hallway into a stunning and beautiful centre piece.  Grand staircases have been used to make a striking statement in buildings throughout the ages.  Granted, they tend to be found inside grand public buildings or stately homes. However, the home building and improvement craze that continues to sweep across the UK has increased the demand for feature staircases in the home.


A & T Carpentry show you some of the options available for your new staircase installation.

Designing and choosing  modern staircase



Modern staircase design is following modern trends with open, airy,  light designs and glass elements to open up small and dark hallways.  Many homes still have their old 50s and 60s staircases with cheap softwood stairs, closed risers covered with carpet.  You can now have  a staircase which is more in keeping with the style and elegance of the rest of your home.


A & T Carpentry offer a range of modern staircases that will enhance your home.  These are supplied and fitted in a wide variety of materials and forms that will help open up your dark hallway and make it brighter and more elegant..


Bromsgrove staircase renovation


What do you need to consider when choosing a new staircase?


1. How much space do you have available?

New builds will often have floor large enough for a staircase as the architect has already taken this into account. You will need to take into account any walls that will dictate the shape.  A small hallway  may only allow for a straight flight whereas a larger entrance hallway will allow for a quarter turn or half turn .


2. The height and the layout of the staircase.

The height of the room or hall will also dictate the height of the staircase and the number of steps and risers needed.  If you are replacing an old  staircase a new staircase installation will tend to follow the same shape and form of the previous layout.  If you need advise with the layout and the space a staircase requires then please contact A & T Carpentry who will be only to happy to advise on your particular requirements.


3. The materials and finished appearance.

There are endless designs for modern staircases which all differ in the way they are supported.  Take a look at our portfolio for ideas on how you can elevate the design of your hallway with a brand new staircase installation.


You can contact A & T carpentry through their contact form where you can leave your details. They will provide you with a very competitive quote for your bespoke staircase.


Walnut staircase renovation





A & T Carpentry would love to hear about your project.  Why not tell them about your new staircase installation or renovation plans.  They are always on hand to offer free friendly advice and a competitive quotation.