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Minimalistic Staircase Design

Minimalism is a hit topic in contemporary interior design. But what does it mean and what is a minimalistic staircase? Generally, it means removing all superfluous elements, colour and texture. A minimalistic staircase can add real impact to your entrance hall and provides a highly contemporary feel to your property.


A & T Carpentry offer you their thoughts on minimalistic design.

Staircases and minimalism


The starting point of any new staircase design and installation is the position of the staircase. When placed in the middle of the hallway opposite the central door it provides a stunning central feature and your attention is naturally drawn to it.   Keeping the rest of the space clutter free and featureless only adds to the impact .

Minimalistic staircase design

A Minimalistic Staircase Needs Contemporary Materials

Modern staircase installation by A & T carpentryUsing modern materials such as cold metal and glass in the staircase provides a completely minimalistic look. However if you combine this with solid wood, such as oak it give a more homely and warmer feel to the design as well as more textural interest. Glass panels and  risers provide a minimal presence which allows light to flow freely throughout the space giving a bright feel. Using Glass and metal components alone might be to commercial or industrial for some residential homes. However, the addition of solid wood elements  adds to the aesthetics and creates a more inviting presence while retaining the overall minimalistic feel.

Add Impact With a Featured Step

Minimalistic staircase design feature stepAgain to avoid an overly commercial appearance adding a bottom feature step may be more appropriate for small residential installations.  Adding a D-end step or Bullnose step gives the stairs  a larger presence and the solid wood gives warmth to the overall look which maybe more in keeping with your existing decor.


Staircase Design Appropriate to the Room Size

The size of the room in which you install the staircase plays into a big part of the design. Tall, large spaces lend themselves to minimalistic staircases. They empahsise the ’emptiness’.  Using glass balconies opens the space up even further creating a more unified and harmonious design across upper and lower floor spaces.  The continuation of glass up to the upper floor adds to the grandeur of the installation and empahasises its size.  Smaller residentail homes can benefit from minimalistic glass designs too. It allows light to fill the hallway and creates a brighter space.  Solid wood stiarcases can darken small entrance halls.  A combination of wood, glass and metal can create a suitably minimalistic look in any home.

Minimalist Staircase


A & T Carpentry would love to hear about your project.  Why not tell them about your new staircase installation or renovation plans.  They are always on hand to offer free friendly advice and a competitive quotation.