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The Top 7 Woods To Use On Your Staircase


You don’t want to have to take down your staircase because of warped or worn wooden components. Therefore, it is important that you choose the best timber for your project.

A & T Carpentry are timber experts and know exactly the right kinds of wood to use in your staircase project. 

1. Red Oak

One of the most most common species for wooden stair parts  is red oak.  It is plentiful in it’s supply and has quite a forgiving nature. Handrails and treads are the most used parts made from this timber. Suppliers and craftsmen also make  turned wood and squared parts popular with  interior designers, homeowners, and building designers alike. Red oak is also an easy wood to stain, sand, and finish.

REd Oak Tree
Planed Red Oak Timber for Staircases

2. White Oak

White oak is harder and it is far more water resistant than its fellow cousinthe red oak. White oak has a slightly more  grey apperance to it and often with  a slight green. The wood grain has an elegant swirling pattern to it.


White Oak Tree
Water Resistant White Oak
White Oak Staircase treads

3. Ash Wood

Ash wood has similar properties to oak . The grain pattern of ash has a closed pattern and is more pronounced.  Ash is a cheaper timber than oak however it is more challenging to work with. If you need elaborate staircase components they can be more expensive for this reason.

Turned Ashwood Staircase Landing
Cypress Wood

4. Cypress Wood

Timber form the cypress tree is lightweight and has a fine grain. It holds paint really well if this a finsh youe require. It is also one of the stringest softwoods.  THese properties make it a super wood for constructing staircases out of.

5. Mahogany

Mahogonay comes from Africa and despite being such a light wood it is very strong. It is a premium wood so it will dent your budget somewhat! However it has a very fine grain and looks stunning when used in staircases.  It is an easy material to shape and turn too.

Grand Mahogany Staircase

6. Brazilian Cherry Wood

As it’s name suggests, cheery wood has a stunning deep reddish brown colour. It is bold and rich. The Brazilian is is a hard and heavy wood species and will last a lifetime if cared for. You may want to read our staircase care guide. 

Brazillian Wood Treads
Brazilian Cherry Tree

7. American Cherry

This wood looks very stately and elegant. Like all cherry woods it has a deep, rich, warm colour. The American cherry has an almost auburn tone to it. It is one of the softer cherry timbers but is still more than sturdy enough to use in staircase installations.

American Cherry Staircase Installation
American Cherry Tree
American Cherry Timber


A & T Carpentry would love to hear about your project.  Why not tell them about your new staircase installation or renovation plans.  They are always on hand to offer free friendly advice and a competitive quotation.