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Exquisite Curved Staircases


 A & T Carpentry have been honing their skills over the last decade and offer their thoughts on bringing graceful living to your home.  Curved and splayed staircases bring stunning elegance into even the smallest of entrance halls.  Is your staircase in need of an uplift?

If space is limited a splayed staircase could be the answer

The staircase is one of the most prominent features in your home and reflects your style and taste.  Curved staircases are a hallmark of luxury and elegance.  They give your home a real wow factor and provide a visually stunning talking point for those you welcome into your home. If you have the space, a curved staircase will become the centre piece of your home. Designing and planning such a staircase requires great skill and craftmanship.

Most of us don’t have the luxury of a grand entrance hall for the installation of an exquisite curved stairway.  However, the solution could be a splayed staircase.  This is were the bottom of the staircase spreads outwards.  It creates a stunning visual impression and A & T Carpentry can design a bespoke architectural feature that will stand out  and set your home apart.  It will be thoughtfully designed to be in keeping  with your existing décor.  If you don’t have a central stairway allowing splaying on both sides you can employ a one-sided splay if it is positioned against a wall.   A wide variety of materials can be used to craft your stairs but we think that Oak adds real elegance and sophistication even in a small home.  Each and every one of our projects is unique so we will design a staircase that fits perfectly into your unique space. 


A & T Carpentry splayed staircase
Gentle curved staircase design

A & T Carpentry are highly skilled crafts smen. Before installation begins they will design your dream staircase using the latest CAD software so that you can see exactly how your finished project will look.  This gently splayed staircase will comfortably fit into the smallest of hall ways.  It gives the impression of a much grander space and invites and leads you up to the next landing.


As well as supporting you as you travel up and down the staircase handrails can really enhance the design making it unique. The staircase pictured above, left, features a continuous curved handrail ending with an elegant volute (decorative scroll). Although a gentle curve it opens up the bottom of the staircase giving the impression of a larger space. Along with handrails there are many styles of balustrade (the rail that holds the balusters) to choose from and theses can be curved too. 


At the bottom of a curved or splayed staircase can be placed a feature bullnose step as in the pictures above.  This elegant curve on one side of the lower step supports the newel post and complements the curvature of the staircase and handrail.  If you have a central staircase a curtail step will be added which has a curve on either side of the step and again compliments the curves of the splayed staircase and accomodates the newewl posts and elgeant decorative volute finish.  

curtail step and volute

All of our staircases are  bespoke and designed for individual project requirements. To chat to one of our expert craftsmen, contact us through our web form  or call 01527 535193.  If you have any questions please come and talk to a member of our team.  Follow them on instagram.


A & T Carpentry would love to hear about your project.  Why not tell them about your new staircase installation or renovation plans.  They are always on hand to offer free friendly advice and a competitive quotation.