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Bespoke HAndrail designs


The handrail is the part of the staircase which receives the most contact. The feel of it, it’s texture and appearance are incredibly important.  It impacts upon the whole experience and design of the staircase.  The materials, shape and form of the handrail underneath the hand therefore, requires careful and thoughtful design. 


A & T Carpentry share their thoughts. Read more below…

1.   Handrail shapes and forms

Some handrails are designed for their elegance and impact. Others are designed to be ergonomic, to fit beautifully in the hand as it supports you to the top of the flight.  This is called the profile of the hand rail. There are endless choices for you to consider. Do you need a handrail that will support little ones or the infirm  up a tall flight or a large bold and elegant rail that adds impact to the overall design? 

Bromsgrove staircase renovation

2.   A sign of quality 

When anyone visits your home they don’t generally touch the fixtures.  However, a quality handrail with a beautiful finish really communicates the craftsmanship that has been invested throughout your home. This can be a very strong signal to the viewer, especially when combined with quality doors and kitchen surfaces. With advice from A & T Carpentry, the combination of carefully selected materials can give the impression of quality throughout the house.

Walnut staircase renovation

3.   A focal point of your home.

A new bespoke staircase installation is the focal point of the hallway. This is where we often have those firt welcoming and final goodbye conversations. Whether it be with friends and family or with a viewer, a fair amount of time is spent in the hall which provides the first impression and final memory as visitors leave your home.  A well-designed staircase with complimentary lighting will leave a lasting impression on potential buyers.

A&T Carpentry staircase renovation Bromsgrove

4. Inspire confidence in structural integrity.

Walking up a creaky flight of stairs with a wobbly handrail does nothing to inspire confidence in the structure of the house.  For a potential buyer, this can conjure up all sorts of thoughts about your home. They then start to form impressions about the other ageing wooden parts of the building such as floor joists and integrity of the roof structure.  This can lead to buyers quickly losing interest and begin thinking about the negatives and potential costs that may be necessary to correct these problems with your property.

5.   They solve a problem for home sellers.

A new staircase installation by A & T Carpentry may allow you to solve potential negative problems with your home. For example, a modern glass staircase will create more light in a small dark hallway.  A new staircase may allow you to redesign the floorplan and create more space for a ground floor toilet, an essential requirement for many family buyers.

A & T Staircase Installation in Bromsgrove and Worcestershire

It’s fairly wildly known that kitchens and bathrooms are the deciding factors for house sales, but a creatively designed staircase can be the final tipping point in achieving a sale in a currently competitive market.

A  stunning staircase means that the desirability of your home is increased.  This is what really creates the interest from multiple purchasers which can, in turn, increase the sale price and reduce the time on the market.

So what are you waiting for! In our opinion, you should refurbish or replace your staircase as soon as your budget allows.

A well designed and fitted hardwood staircase will last a lifetime with some simple but regular maintenance. Even if you are not thinking of selling, the value of your home will still be inflated when you do decide to move.