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2021 Top Staircase Design Trends


As 2021 gets underway A & T carpentry continue to share their wealth of knowledge on how to turn your stairs into the central feature of your home.



The latest design trends offer an abundance of  exciting ideas to revamp your stairs.  The restrictions of Covid-19 in 2021 have allowed many people to spend time and money on home improvements. Homeowners, designers and architects alike have shown the importance of creating a unique, distinctive and long lasting staircase design.

Bull nose step staircase

Classical Elegance

A & T carpentry are seeing a rise in the fusion of classic and contemporary design ideas in 2021. Neutral colours on stairs, whilst combining styles and finishes will complement any existing home décor and will continue to do so as you update and redecorate in the future.  Here is what A & T Carpentry are predicting will be the top staircase design trends of 2021.

A & T Staircase Installation Worcestershire

Allowing The Light To Flow

Increasing in popularity, adding glass as a central design feature of your stairs will add a a modern look to your home.  A glass balustrade ‘opens’ up the space, allowing light to flow more easily, and emphasises the features and textures of your entrance way.  With the translucence of glass your property becomes much brighter, not just the hallway as the natural light is allowed to travel through the house.   

A perfect example of this was a large residential property that A & T Carpentry recently installed a new staircase.  You can see in the finished design that the extensive use of glass allows the light to permeate throughout the space.  Whilst this a large, stunning and elegant feature staircase the transparency of the balustrade keeps the stairs from feeling overwhelming. In fact, the large lower step invites you warmly  up towards the next landing. 

2021 glass design stair trends
Modern steel staircase design

Exposed Metal

The great outdoors has increasingly become an important part of all our lives during the pandemic lockdown,  It has also become a source of inspiration for designers in 2021.

Steel provides the ultimate ultra modern statement when use in the home. It’s industrial finish is becoming increasingly popular and adds  flair and texture into the design of the stairs.  It will last a lifetime and its rugged feel brings the adventure of the outdoors into the home.

Floating or Cantilever Staircase

This is at the forefront of staircase design and engineering.  A cantilever is a beam anchored to just one wall. Cantilevered stairs are individual stairs pinned to the wall with steel bolts. As they ‘float’ suspended in the air they make maximum use of the available space.  Stylish and minimalist, they allow the maximum amount of light to penetrate the space.  This is the perfect solution to small, dark and gloomy entrance ways.

Minimalistic Floating Staircase

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